Purple Parrot Media Manager

Purple Parrot Media Manager 3.3

Purple Parrot Media Manager offers functions for managing videos and audio media
3.3 (See all)

Purple Parrot Media Manager provides a wide variety of functions for managing media images, videos, audios and DVDs. Features include jukebox, file management, playlists, thumbnails, albums, and slide shows. Special features include an integrated email function, hotkeys, CDDC support for retrieving CD song information from the Internet, an integrated web browser with pop-up ad blocking and browser history cleaning, MP3 "tag" data update capability, an image magnifier, a target game, a sleep timer, and a snooze-option alarm clock that plays music playlists, CDs, or DVDs.
Supported file formats include: jpeg, gif, bitmap, metafile, tiff, pcx, xif, png, mng, icon, cursor, mp3, wav, wma, cd audio, midi, avi, mpeg, wmv, and others.
Also included with Media Manager is a tabbed web browser and a picture painting program, with dozens of effects.

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